World Photo League 2024 – Super Drone Challenge 2024

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Contest 2024

Capture moments focusing on ‘Theme: Urban Exploration.’ Frame the vibrancy of city life, architectural marvels and human stories in bustling streets. Unveil the beauty hidden in urban chaos and showcase your unique perspective through the lens.

About the Contest

Welcome to our captivating photography contest, where we celebrate the art of ‘Urban Exploration.’ Our contest offers two exhilarating events: a Photography Contest and a Drone Photography Contest. In the Photography Contest, unleash your creativity to frame the vibrancy of city life, architectural wonders and human stories amid bustling streets. For the Drone Photography Contest, soar high and capture breathtaking aerial perspectives, revealing the unseen beauty hidden within urban landscapes. Showcasing your unique vision and mastery behind the lens, immerse yourself in the art of storytelling through captivating imagery. Join us in unraveling the mesmerizing tales of urban landscapes and showcasing your perspective in this exciting photographic journey.

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Explore ‘Urban Life’ through your lens, showcasing city vibrancy beautifully captured.


Shaan I. Memon

● Director – Hollywood ● Editor ● Writer

Girish Atuvalaipil

● Director – Bollywood ● Writer ● Producer


● Editor ● Director ● Write


1st Jan. 2024 – 31st Mar. 2024

Early Participant Submission for both WPL’24 and SDC’24 contests.

1st Apr. 2024 – 31st Oct. 2024

Participant submissions for both contests. (Increased Fee)

1st Nov. 2024 – 30th Nov. 2024

Jury nominations of top 20 participants. Invitations
sent to Winners, Nominations and Special Mentions for
Event Gala. Venue will be communicated.

15th Dec. 2024

EVENT GALA : Winners celebration and Gala dinner.


The contest is open to all photography enthusiasts, both amateur and professional.

  • Entries must be original work, captured by the participant.
  • For the Photography Contest, submit images in JPEG or PNG format.
  • For the SDC’24 Contest, ensure compliance with local drone regulations and safety guidelines while capturing images.
  • All entries must adhere to the theme of ‘Urban Exploration.’
  • Images must not contain offensive, inappropriate or copyrighted material.
Participants retain ownership of their images but grant the contest organizers the right to use submitted images for promotional purposes.

Entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

  • Entries will be judged based on creativity, composition, storytelling, technical proficiency and adherence to the theme.
  • After submission, Winners will be notified through the contact information provided.

Prizes for winners will be announced and distributed during the conclusion of the contest.

Participants must uphold ethical conduct and respect the rules and guidelines of the contest and fellow participants.

Rules and details are subject to change at the discretion of the contest organizers. It’s advisable to review the latest updates and guidelines on our website for official announcements.


The theme revolves around ‘Urban Exploration,’ capturing the essence and vibrancy of city life.

We have two exciting events: WORLD PHOTO LEAGUE 2024 AND SUPER DRONE CHALLENGE 2024.

Absolutely! You’re welcome to participate in either or both events.

For the WPL’24 Contest, focus on city life, architectural marvels and human stories in bustling streets. For the SDC’24 Contest, capture urban landscapes from aerial perspectives.

Submission can be done at submission portal provided for both the Events.

Judging criteria include creativity, composition, storytelling, technical proficiency and adherence to the theme.

Yes, please refer participation page for applicable fee.

Prizes will be announced during the Event Gala. Stay tuned for exciting rewards!

On 15th of December 2024, Winners and special mentions will be invited to the prize distribution event which will conclude with gala dinner. This event will happen in India; venue details will be shared close to the event.